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Jacques Greene  The Look LUCKY ME (LM007, 12” + digital)

One track was enough, all it took for the young and mysterious Jacques Greene to have the music press typing kilometres of text. “(Baby I Don’t Know) What You Want” appeared stealthily halfway through the summer, like a media gunpowder keg, capable of blowing up like the most contagious of pandemics. Behind this instant anthem there could be none other than the Night Slugs label –whom we can already start regarding as one of the sensational labels of the year–, who included it on their first compilation of the best from their roster. But the first to score a goal, releasing the first official record by the mysterious producer, are the people behind Scottish label Lucky Me (and thus they end the year on a very high point).

Judging from the buzz, “The Look” could become one of the most desirable singles of the coming months. Both the title track and “Holdin’ On” are essential material for any DJ who likes to play exquisite house. Two anthems for zulu hour in the club –circa 3 a.m.– capable of making even the cleaning lady move to its highly contagious rhythm (it contains Detroit techno, old school garage and rabid UK funky) and analogue machine-made synthetic reminiscences. Lavish, laminated voices that together with the rhythm boxes make this the most elegant banger you could play at that peak hour. On “Good Morning”, the pianos substitute the vocals and pay tribute to the title of the track, reminiscent of the piano classics of nineties house. The track “Tell Me”, the most intimate and introspective version of Greene we’ve seen as a producer, moves away from the bass pressure and, therefore, from the dancefloor. Unfortunately I can’t add any decimals to the score, as what this young man makes leans toward infinity. Jacques Greene will make us change our understanding of dance music. Mónica Franco

LM007 - JACQUES GREENE - THE LOOK by Jacques Greene

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