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DJ Spinn & DJ Rashad DJ Spinn & DJ Rashad4 The Ghetto

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DJ Spinn & DJ Rashad 4 The Ghetto GHETTOPHILES (GPH002, 12”)

After Planet Mu opened the floodgates with the footwork anthology by DJ Nate, it’s normal that more material arrives from the new genre, which, having started in Chicago is fast becoming the hype of the year, the dance rhythm of the season, the circus act for those bored with house, in need of some time to rest and recover their enthusiasm. The Ghettophiles imprint is like a modern version of Dancemania and other legendary brands of the ghetto-house sound from the home of the Bulls: DJ Spinn and DJ Rashad, two of the artists who form part of the small and compact scene, divide eight tracks over two sides, short, urgent, pressed with little thickness like it has always been done since the days of DJ Funk. They are records that aren’t built to last but to lead a short and intense life within their context –the duels between footwork dancers. So Spinn and Rashad go all out with the style, juke, and follow the manual literally: gangsta hip-hop vocals, Houston rap rhythm boxes, constant switching between acceleration and deceleration, diabolical rhythmic schemes to tangle up the feet, connections with electro and, in an exceptional way, brutal rave music –think the Drop Bass Network collective from the outskirts of Detroit– on the last track signed by DJ Rashad, “Transported”. Juke is at its peak, it’s explosive and spreading. This record is another true radiograph of the scene, an undeniably interesting document. Claude T. Hill

DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn - Space Juke by Ghettophiles

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