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DMX Krew is fundamentally associated with two labels: Rephlex, where his career began and where he released a fistful of records of crunchy retro electro-funk, and Breaking, his own imprint. In both cases, two things have been constant: for Ed Upton, no other music existed than the robotic aesthetics of the eighties, and at the same time his aesthetics have never been opportunist, he kept it at all times. There’s a nostalgia in DMX Krew that is real and incurable, for those years when he was a child, and if we would give his discography to a psychologist we would get a lot of Freudian interpretations and references to an anal phase that was never overcome by the individual. But it’s this obsession with old synthesisers and pre-house and techno electronic music that made Ed a rare creature that has to be preserved. He reminds us that there are other ways of advancing in dance music and that not everything is reduced to pulsating basslines and urban ferocity.

On the other hand, time and talent have come together: there is a current of eighties electronic funk revision going on, so now is the best time to resurface (although DMX Krew has never ceased to produce, release and DJ). Moreover, the Permanent Vacation label knocked on his door, and the relation that started with the reissue of a track originally released on Rephlex, “Come To Me” (plus a previously unreleased instrumental version), keeps going strong with this“The Game”, which plunges into the infinite ocean of synthetic disco music. Permanent Vacation is based in Munich, which has always been the city of Moroder, and the four cuts of “The Game” are definitely infested with arpeggios and hypnotic loops, but the whole sounds more Italian than German. “The Game” –or its alternate version, subtitled “Dance Mix”– is Italo disco a la My Mine or Ken Lazslo, while on “Taking Your Own Advice” and “Disco Theme”the influence of the Il Discotto label is palpable, with an American touch of rubbery funk. The typical DMX Krew sound, in the right place at the right time. We call that divine justice.

Richard Ellmann

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