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Charles Trees Charles TreesThe Dream Ep

8 / 10

Charles Trees  The Dream Ep MUSIQUE LARGE (ML006, digital)

In the geography of psychedelic hip-hop put through the IDM blender, we must not forget the North American midwest: bit by bit we are getting acquainted with Mux Mool and Shigeto, new additions to the Ghostly roster and heirs to the Dabrye sound. We must get use to the name Charles Trees too, another member of the Michigan-based label which alongside Glasgow, is the only hard nucleus that can square up the L.A. rulers of the scene. Trees has already collaborated on an EP with Mux Mool (“ Versus Series Round Two: Alt Hip Hop”, released on Moongadget), and on record with Shigeto he offers up a synth line capable of perforating the cranium, Rustie style, on the wonky experiment “ Gratiot Gowanus”. They’re a close knit family which is growing slowly through co-ordinated efforts. “ The Dream Ep” has some interesting qualities, among them the naturalisation of the retro sound. The key sound textures are similar to old cosmic disco vinyl and the naive sci-fi elements you can detect in early electro, which gives the EP a perspective on the relaxed beats that helps make sense of the journey undertaken in these four cuts. This is a journey that, instead of being drug induced, is a mental excursion to the universe’s open spaces. If we could float trip-hop on the stock exchange, make no mistake, I would be a majority share-holder. Claude T. Hill

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