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Mike Simonetti / Bottin / Vogel Mike Simonetti / Bottin / VogelThat Look / Eagle / Tough

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That Look / Eagle / Tough Mike Simonetti / Bottin / Vogel PERSEO RECORDS (PERSEO01 + PERSEO02 + PERSEO03, 3x12” + CD)

Generally there is not a whole lot of humour in the edit culture. The edit is a fairly disputable creative process, as no excessive display of creativity or talent is needed: most producers are satisfied with applying some make up to a tasty and useful tune for their DJ-sets, a bit of eye-shadow, lipstick and some skin cleanser, but its beauty is ephemeral and disputable, like someone who only fixes up to go out on a Saturday. But in Mike Simonetti’s court –the Italians Do It Better label– they don’t see the edit as a useful manoeuvre nor as a snobbish exercise to show their mates how many good old songs they know. Sub-label Perseo, kick-started with three 12”s at once –also collected on one CD as “Perseo Edits vol. 1”– looks for the humour we talked about above and that’s lacks in this self-obsessed culture. You just don’t know how to take “Tough” by Martin Vogel, who turns “Tougher Than The Rest” (Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band: is there anything less funky?) into a cheesy Balearic disco tune as malicious as that hi-NRG version the Pet Shop Boys made of U2’s “Where The Streets Have No Name”. It’s almost as if he wanted to offend the fans of The Boss (and to make those who don’t care split their sides laughing).

That said, the rest of the Perseo material isn’t that earthy, nor does it pursue such an easy effect. “That Look”, signed by the head honcho Mike Simonetti, takes three old school house rarities on which the typical elements of the old Chicago sound (pianos profoundly homo-erotic vocals, jumping rhythm boxes, passionately riddling synths) are enforced with precision, tact and good taste. Although, with Bottin, Vogel’s deliciously bad taste returns: “Fly Like An Eagle” (Steve Miller Band) and “Starchild” (Level 42) appear devoid of almost every ugly feature they had –on the first track, some instrumental parts, on the latter almost all the vocals- and they now sound like old proto-house remixes from the mid-eighties. Perseo: rather than a good edits label, a very serious joke.

Javier Blánquez

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