Thank You For Your Love EP Thank You For Your Love EP


Antony & The Johnsons Antony & The JohnsonsThank You For Your Love EP

8 / 10

Antony & The Johnsons  Thank You For Your Love EP ROUGH TRADE (CD + 12” + digital)

If you already put in your pre-order for “Swanlights”, the fourth album by the adorable Antony, accompanied by his no less adorable band, with its strings like chills and winds like caresses, then you have the chance to download this digital EP (available on vinyl from today and as a CD on 7th September), where he begins to identify the most significant characteristics of what will be one of the albums of the Autumn. Antony arrives at the best time of year to enjoy his songs. Neither cold nor hot, they are tragicomedies with bittersweet experiences and hope on the horizon. You hear it on “Thank You For Your Love” (the song), which is nicely presented with its production, full of more clarinets and trombones than normal, and directed towards a radiant optimism that closes the album in a perhaps too obvious way, but one which is also logical in Anthony’s universe of a big, yet innocent child who doesn’t think about what he is saying. With “Imagine”, he covers John Lennon, substituting the piano for a guitar and some background echoes that take away all of the sweet burden so that we imagine another world which perhaps isn’t as utopian or beautiful (it’s that Antony likes for his covers to sound like deformed reflections of the original- take “ Pressing On” by Bob Dylan, which sounds like anything but Dylan). Yes, it can seem like Antony comes freshly clean and happy, although it’s not all like this. “You Are the Treasure” is sad and dramatic, with its deep piano in the background, and “My Lord My Love” is as sacramental as a torch song. He hasn’t dropped down a level on this EP, not even with the bipolar aesthetic. The album coming up is looking great.

Tom Madsen

Antony and the Johnsons - Pressing On

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