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Andy Stott Andy StottTell Me Anything / Love Nothing

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Andy Stott  Tell Me Anything / Love Nothing MODERN LOVE (LOVE062, 12” + digital)

After a hyperactive period spanning 2005 - 2008, Andy Stott is slowing it down. It could be he has found another priorities in life - in five years you could get married, to have kids, to get a mortgage, even to lose the spark due as routine kicks in. Or it could be because the world of electronica doesn’t need further exploration of techno-dub like it did before, as many return to the serene orbit and elliptically perfect of the Detroit sound which was where Stott was shining as though heaven sent. These times may one day will come back, but in the full swing of 2010 they certainly sound anachronistic to a seasoned clubbers, who sometimes confuse purity with longevity. Stott has reduced the rhythm of his releases and this is his first 12” of this year, not taking into account the ones recorded alongside Miles Whittaker under the alias of Millie & Andrea, which were two tracks that at any other given moment would have sounded like divine intervention but that nowadays only reach the category of “notable exercises of emotional and expansive techno.” “Love Nothing”, for example, is the deeper expression of slowness, direct quotes to the Detroit sound that artists like Omar-S have been perfecting for sometime: a little bit of house, a little bit of ambient, a relaxed kick drum and the provoking sensation that at any point one could start floating at zero gravity. On the flip side, you’ll find “Tell Me Anything”, which if we were told is a re-issue of an old vinyl by the Chain Reaction label -circa Fluxion- perhaps, we would believe it. This recording material has its audience and we applaud the care taken by Andy Stott. But we know because of masterpieces like “Merciless” (Modern Love, 2006), that he can twist the machine just a little further as he is better at creating than imitating. some day he will fully return and then you are going to s**t yourself. Javier Blánquez

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