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Scuba TRI002 HOTFLUSH (TRI002, 12” + digital)

“Triangulation” is a difficult to consume. There is always something in the background, you always need to hear it again. It’s rich and deep, although it appears to be a record easy to resume, something like “a new and improved visit from Scuba at the crossroads between dubstep and techno.” Yes, it’s certainly the classic Scuba sound in which London and Berlin coincide. But it’s not only that. Such a cold description is not enough, because each minute of it contains tracks or details that could enlarge the emotions. On “Three Sided Shape” are the elusive voices, the sensation of a wide, open field, and at the end of the track the rhythm slows down and we descend through a noisy maelstrom until we get to the conclusion, which could have been made by Surgeon with the production help of The Bug. Tunes like this deserve a long, happy life in the DJ’s record bag, and that’s why it’s released on vinyl as the second volume of a series by the Hotflush label, with a special bonus on side B: a remix by Will Saul & Mike Monday of “Latch”, with all the house essence of the Simple Records imprint. The kind of house that sounds as if they have opened all the windows in the house on a Saturday morning and the fresh air and clear light comes in, but in this instance retaining part of the cold mood of Scuba’s original. Deep-house for today, but let it be said that the morning they open those windows is one in, say, mid-November. Two really good tracks collected on one 12” that is, above all, a useful tool for those who want to enjoy it at home or share it in the club.

Javier Blánquez

TRI002 - Scuba / Will Saul & Mike Monday by Hotflush

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