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Ghostpoet GhostpoetSurvive It

8 / 10

Ghostpoet  Survive It BROWNSWOOD RECORDINGS (BWOOD065, 12” + digital)

It was bound to happen: a record with remixes of Ghostpoet’s first album: his smouldering vision of hip-hop, street tales with a ghostly halo, haven’t gone unnoticed, and there’s even talk of the “debut of the year”. There’s still some time ahead to take stock, but it’s obvious that the Londoner has built his own beautiful style which remixers find it hard to resist: each in his own way, they try to extend the feeling of magic and steam. The hand of his mentor, Gilles Peterson, shows in the choice of Koreless, dBridge, Quest and Gang Panang: new names in the outskirts of dubstep, and veterans with rhythmical syntax reconfigured, who understand that Ghostpoet needs sounds that light up in the light of dawn and the feeling of a cinema screen.

Koreless keeps it in the line of his debut 12”: pleasant to the ear, balanced in the rhythmic experiments, always reinforcing his pop vein –he respects Ghostpoet’s voice but also the female background vocals. dBridge maintains the vocal track as well, but he eliminates almost everything else, in order to lay down his carpet of slo-mo drum’n’bass and suspense. Quest, one of the artists signed by Mala for his Deep Medi label, takes his remix to nine minutes of unstoppable, but controlled, rhythmical crescendo, during which the airy synths settle between post-dubstep beats bordering on the psychedelic and old school deep-house (hence the title “ Guidance Remix”?). Gang Panang replace the original breaks with an intense dub beat and adds Roots Manuva’s voice, as if to symbolise the transfer of power, like when a boxing champ gives his belt to the young gun who has just beat him in a fair fight. Ghostpoet is the latest sensation in UK hip-hop, his “Peanut Butter Blues And Melancholy Jam” is brilliant and these remixes, too. Everybody happy.

Claude T. Hill

“Survive It (Quest Guidance’s Remix)”

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