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John Talabot John TalabotSunshine Remixes

9 / 10

John Talabot  Sunshine Remixes

HIVERN (HVN004.5, 12” + digital)

Some people are still wondering about John Talabot’s real identity. As there is no graphic evidence or well-lit appearances –luckily there are some other people that do not question it and worry about the less mundane-, we would like to inform those who wonder that John Talabot is male, lives in Barcelona, works relentlessly and has dark hair. We can assure you he knows how to build a track too: “Sunshine”, it's an optimistic and afro inspired House hymn, that evolves how it should be, by strengthening the repeated part of the groove –you can tell he is a DJ and his productions are set for mixing- after which he unties little details like the looped “sunshine” vocal that gives it a enjoyable humanly dimension without any whiff of kitsch. But we already knew all of the above because “Sunshine” was included on one of the best maxi-singles from last year. Now we must judge if this two remixes arriving on a blue vinyl are as good as the original and we can confirm that is a resounding thumbs up. Delorean, getting more comfortable with their electronic side –prioritising textures and diluting the classic structure of the song- increase the emotional impact of the synths and involuntarily, perhaps, painting a “ciberdelic” picture of 90s techno. New Yorkers The Blondes succeed as well at forgetting the deep focus of the original to transform it with an arpeggio avalanche, liquid keyboards, organic percussion and an epic end of the mix that even leaves an impression in your soul. This is a limited edition and it won’t be in the shops for long. Buy it now or regret it later.

Javier Blánquez

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