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9 / 10

Rustie Sunburst EP WARP (WAP300, 12” + CD + digital)

Warp and Rustie were made for each other, like Real Madrid and Mourinho, Tim Burton and Johnny Depp, and in the end the signing of Glasgow’s boy wonder –who follows in the footsteps of his friend Hud Mo, recruited for the same team a year ago– has materialised in the form of plastic with a heavy metal sleeve to which not even Ronnie James Dio, peace be with him, would say no. The sleeve is already impressive and deserves a big round of applause –you can’t knock the reflection of a sword in a black sea, with the shining of the new day on the horizon and that oh so baroque calligraphy–, but it’s not a gratuitous joke at all. It was chosen consciously: the AOR and megalomaniac background is also translated into the five pieces Rustie delivers for “Sunburst”, spattered with samples of electric guitar solos ( “Neko”) or of infuriated synths ( “Dragonfly”) –analogical notes of convincing roundness and infuriating tones–, driven at violent speed, full of energy: it could be the soundtrack to a vintage video game in which the objective is to kill infernal creatures and shower around what it spatters. We hadn’t heard of dubstep with metal references nor of symphonic wonky, but here we have the first known copy of a non-existent, baroque and dramatic genre of which Rustie is the maximum representative and omnipotent god. The five tracks are over in 14 minutes in length, with an uncontrollable speed, with neckpains from all the headbanging (and abdominal pains of all the rapid twists), with the arm lifted high and the fingers proudly forming horns. Inflammable material, dangerous, young, kitschy, radioactive: only Rustie could do that. Kneel before him.

Javier Blánquez

Rustie - Dragonfly

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