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We haven’t seen so much urban agitation on the streets in ages. And no, it’s not that summer has arrived ahead of time, it’s just that you can’t smoke inside anymore (Spain is just now feeling the force of the smoking ban that Britons have been negotiating for a few years). In fact, the summer isn’t planning on coming back any time soon, in spite of the fact that young lovers Bethany Cosentino and Nathan Williams want to, with their lo-fi songs, rub in that they live in sunny California where the seas are blue and the waves are huge, while in the rest of the northern hemisphere we’re dressed in warm coats and our sunglasses are hiding somewhere in the back of a drawer.

For their joint American tour, Best Coast and Wavves are releasing this split single, “Summer Is Forever” on digital format (if you want to get the 7” you’ll have to go to the U.S. and present yourself at their merchandising stand, either that or head to eBay), featuring two tunes that aren’t on their respective albums.

In this context, they dusted off Best Coast’s already known and harmonious “When You Wake Up” –a clear candidate to turn into a surf-pop introduction to the summer–, which was left off the debut album, and a bonus track to “King Of The Beach”, “Stained Glass (Won’t You Let Me Into Your Heart)”, on which Nathan lowers the blood pressure of his punk vein, offering us an excessively elaborated track that could be part of MGMT’s psychedelic mutation. Having had the opportunity to make a track together –like they did with the anti-Christmas song “Got Something For You”, composed for a warehouse chain– the couple, for now, have no intention of sharing the recording studio. For this reason, the B-side of the EP is completed with the two title tracks of their latest efforts and the inclusion of “Hawaii” by the promising No Joy –the other band they shared the dressing room with in the past couple of months–, a menacing shoegaze piece which should be taken as a day at the beach ruined by a tropical storm:

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Best Coast - When You Wake Up {youtube width="100%" height="25"}M6MXT89QcI4{/youtube}

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