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Lately, it's as if Not Not Fun wants to show us that - even though they're weirdos - they like to dance, too. Sub-label 100% Silk has yet another new artist on its roster: LA Vampires. The project features Pocahaunted leader Amanda Brown, alongside one of the two people behind the imprint. Brown, always eager to collaborate, has also teamed up with another emerging talent from the label's orbit for this release. Daniel Martin-McCormick, alias Ital (also in Mi Ami). Without a doubt, he’s one of the best new house producers of the moment. The result doesn't disappoint and shines a new light on Brown's ethereal-experimental digressions - with the 4x4 dominating a mix of straightforward house with a certain pop spirit.

The single opens with the title track, starting with a Dilla-like beat that gives way to the manic oriental melody on which the song is built. Over a lo-fi and gritty rhythm, orbiting synths appear and Brown's reverb-drenched voice sings lazy layered melodies that generate a kind of danceable mystique. On “Tons Of Love” the vocal becomes more central; this time over a blurry but spot-on beat and, again, oriental style brass melodies. The truly great thing about the track is the contrast between the straightforward rhythms that marches on unstoppably, with the tone of voice - as crystalline as it is fragile. After the light accessibility of the first two tracks, on “A Woman Is A Woman” things become somewhat darker; dislocated rhythms, obsessive mechanical sounds and bewitched vocals that make the track the most LA Vampires-like of them all. Whilst on this track Ital doesn't seem to contribute more than the powerful rhythm, on “The Chic Shall Inherit The Earth”, the EP's closing track, things are bought back into balance between the two. This time the rhythm is more electro and Brown sounds more raging than ever; a clearly experimental counterpoint to the first two tracks.

In short: a great release, which confronts the two present angles of the label (esoteric experimentation and more or less hedonistic dance) and delivers brilliant music while doing so. Hopefully this proves a starting point for more clashes between the dance floor and the adventurous spirits, roaming the strange galaxy of Not Not Fun.

Franc Sayol

LA Vampires Goes Ital: "Streetwise" by alteredzones

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