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8 / 10

Freddie Gibbs, Str8 Killa DECON RECORDS (DCN98, CD + digital)

Finally, one of the most anticipated moments of the season has arrived, the one for hip hop fans hungry for new sensations. It’s the official debut -this time, for sure- after three mixtapes that had an undeniable media impact, of Freddie Gibbs, the breakthrough rapper. “Str8 Killa”, the first EP and a sneak peek at the debut scheduled for next year, arrives with mature material ( “National Anthem (Fuck The World)” and its gangsta nihilism) and some new pills to swallow which will ratify expectations, neutralize suspicions, and predict a golden future in the face of criticism and doubt. With a privileged talent for rap, he finds the impossible intersection between Scarface, 2Pac and Biggie. In these eight pieces, thirty five impeccable minutes, Gibbs orchestrates his own version of the gangsta discourse, hardened yet brilliant, with an arsenal of rhymes that mix indolence, defeatism and aimless hanging out in the street, with social concern, lyric intelligence and reflexive melancholy. And the best part: he seasons his deep flow and sublime lyrics of high-grade narrative with productions that combine Southern fondness, soulful passion and underground spirit.

David Broc

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