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Untold Stereo Freeze R&S RECORDINGS (RS1009, 12” + digital)

The influence of techno has been pretty clear lately among many of the dubstep artists. For example, there is the turn towards the mercurial density of the Berlin sound by Scuba and, by extension, by some of his artists on Hotflush such as Sigha. But so far, dubstep has only crept nearer to techno in a logical way, with the obvious union of the rhythmic Jamaican beat, the South London-Basic Channel link. But listening to “Stereo Freeze”, one can’t help but think that something is happening to those who so far seemed to be the descendants of the Burial dynasty. This new Untold single moves away completely from future garage with ambient and deep embellishments. What does it sound like? It seems incredible such names would come up when talking about a man who has made a bit of history in dubstep with 12”s on labels like Hemlock or Hessle Audio, but this has a lot of Kraftwerk (on the A side) and Derrick May (on the flip). The shyness with which dubstep had been gazing at Detroit so far –mainly through a handful of artists who didn’t come from the hard core of the scene– seems to be disappearing little by little, and at this point Untold could have been a candidate for releasing on mythical labels like Transmat or Metroplex. “Stereo Freeze” has the electro vertigo of “Computer World”-era Kraftwerk (the same electro impulse felt on certain parts of Pariah’s “Safehouses”), and “Mass Dreams Of The Future” could be some of the lost tracks of Rhythim Is Rhythim. Obviously, the fact that R&S is releasing this bomb has a lot to do with it, but it’s fascinating to see which mental mechanisms have stirred the steamy neo-2step man Untold to find inspiration in other fields submitted to the power of funk.

Ronald Fritze

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