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Holy Ghost! Holy Ghost!Static On The Wire Ep

8 / 10

Static On The Wire Ep Holy Ghost! DFA (dfa2257, 12” + digital)

Of the most recent additions to the DFA catalogue –recent as in the last two or three years, young’uns compared to old schoolers like The Juan MacLean, LCD Soundsystem or Gavin Russom– Holy Ghost might be the one that’s moved the dancers the least. They are as openly revivalist as Hercules & Love Affaire, Shit Robot or Still Going, with their roots firmly planted in early 80’s New York disco and house soil, but they haven’t yet had a “Spaghetti Circus” to start an avalanche of enthusiasm. This “Static On The Wire EP” doesn’t seem to be doing it for them, either –and it’s been going around for a month. There can be only one explanation: maybe it’s time to stop reminiscing about early Arthur Baker and peak-time Larry Levan; maybe they should stop making songs that could be played at clubs like Roxy or Paradise Garage and realise that the people nowadays don’t want to live in the past forever. However, it has to be said: the four tracks are of an admirable formal perfection, showing so much respect for the old hedonism of downtown Manhattan (they are the spitting image) that they should be honoured as the latest –but surely not the last- sparkling moment of the disco revival. “Static On The Wire”, with John MacLean on guitar, enters Cameo or Hall & Oates territory –just like “Say My Name” does, with refined synthesisers and light harmonies– while “I Will Come Back” is closer to the adorably ingenuity of Italo disco, and the final track, “I Know I Hear”, to the intoxicating chaotic rhythms of Konk and other mutant disco outfits of the era. The production is perfectionist and squeaky clean, it doesn’t sound like an obvious imitation and that is exactly where Holy Ghost! have a way to connect with today’s times. If Grovesnor and Young Empires are allowed to, Nick and Alex most certainly are.

Richard Ellmann

Holy Ghost!- Static On the Wire by MusicinHartford

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