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Greie Gut Fraktion Greie Gut FraktionStadt Mixe

8 / 10

Greie Gut Fraktion  Stadt Mixe MONIKA ENTERPRISE (M67, 12” + digital)

It had to come a day when Antye Greie-Fuchs (alias AGF) and Gudrun Gut got together to record something, that “something” is called “Baustelle”: poetry and micro-sound. The collaborative effort by the ladies from Berlin is a measured exercise of digital pop from which it is extracted “Wir Bauen Eine Neue Stadt” or “We are building a new city” as first single. Though aside from this particular track - a song with a bit of history too as it is a version from Palais Schaumburg, the mythical and el mítico y ephemeral German post-punk band where Thomas Fehlmann and Moritz Von Oswald use to play together–, it is the remixes which give this vinyl value for money. On the A side, Alva Noto follows the self-imposed rhythmic line from his album “Unitxt” and transforms the vocals by Gudrun and Antye as if they were moving through a land mind, avoiding the shaky beats and analogue noise crescendos we are more accustomed to listen from Sleeparchive or Pan Sonic than from the Raster-Noton boss. On the B side, two offerings by Wolfgang Voigt influenced by his latest obsession: the klaviermusik or music for piano. “Freiland Klaviermix 1” uses the low keys to co-ordinate them with the bass drum resulting in a relentless baroque bassline whilst the high frequency keys draw twelve-tone melodies. “Freiland Klaviermix 2” has the same timbre re-structure as the first take disregarding the heavy bassline and maintaining the techno kick drum á la Kompakt. Three unusual remixes that transgress the norm with intelligence: don't you expect to listen this in Ibiza.

Javier Blánquez

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