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Lunice Stacker Upper LUCKY ME (LM006, 12” + digital)

This is possibly one of the most anticipated releases of this year, anticipation which is increased by coincidence. If Mike Slott hadn’t cancelled his Lucky Me showcase gig at this year’s Sónar, Lunice wouldn’t have established himself (twice) as one of the most exciting names of the festival. A sea of loose hips and wide-open mouths witnessed as the Canadian crowned himself, surround by the Scottish crew and their guests. Hence the anticipation: if he was able to do this on stage, what would he do with his releases on the label with the duplicated eye?

The union of such a promising label as Lucky Me (not only judging from their releases but also from their epic appearance at Sónar) and such a promising act as Lunice was a pretty safe bet. And that’s the only snag of this record: it’s as good as it is predictable. The freshness, the simplicity and the charisma the man spread during his second performance at Sónar are there. Lunice brings the charisma of American hip-hop to the Scottish roster, which keeps broadening its horizon as HudMo and Rustie’s footprints fade. “Fancy Forty” is the track most reminiscent of the two Scotsmen because of its bright synths and sliced voices. The other tunes are extremely danceable demonstrations of his absolute control of the game of bass drum and snares, both in the Canadian’s most boastful and schematic facet – “Hip Pop” and the 8bitty “Purp Walk”– and the more elaborate one, providing beats for Troy Dunnit. Suma cum laude for “Hitmane’s Anthem”; had his remix alongside Diplo of Deerhunter’s “Helicopter” not already been in my life, this would be my favourite tune by Lunice.

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