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Kassem Mosse Kassem MosseWe Speak To Those / Hi Res

8 / 10

Kassem Mosse We Speak To Those / Hi Res NONPLUS (NONPLUS008, 12” + digital)

In the beginning, we would like to imagine, the objective of Nonplus as a label was to release the most futurist drum’n’bass of the moment. Instra:mental already have eight releases to their name and yes, we have here a kind of drum’n’bass that is speculative, slippery and with hard to define rhythms –look, for example, at the records by ASC or dBridge– but really Nonplus has become a most malleable label on which other genres have found a place as well. Just remember the previous Vaccine 12”, sheer dubstep, or the one by Actress, which like everything they do sounds like an extra-terrestrial buzz broadcast from the other side of the galaxy, to appreciate the fact that the aesthetic canon of this young label is definitely blown to pieces. The drum’n’bass will probably keep appearing on Nonplus, but it will have to accept the fact that it’s just one of the stones the house is built with. Now Gunnar Wendel appears and he does the same as he has been doing on other imprints, Workshop and Mikrodisko: house with a dirty sound, without consciously working on it in a post-production studio –with that sharp texture of the old Schatrax and FXHE releases– and on which the rhythmic development sounds anarchic at times. On “We Speak To Those” the beat is more recognisable as a 4x4 and, as it corresponds to Kassem Mosse, is like a response to Omar-S from Berlin, but “Hi Res” sounds more broken and more ethereal, only it doesn’t sound like drum’n’bass nor has it cosmic intentions. That singularity is the important thing: like Actress, Kassem Mosse’s music sounds like a transmission from outer space. The aesthetic cred of Nonplus is evident: they don’t want old music that makes you dance, but new music that makes you think. Not bad at all. Richard Ellmann

Kassem Mosse - We Speak To Those

Kassem Mosse - Hi Res (NonPlus)

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