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Clubroot ClubrootSolar Flares EP

9 / 10

Clubroot, Solar Flares EP LO DUBS (LODUBS10002, 12”)

The three tracks included on “Solar Flares EP” are slicker than an eel. They first appeared on CD as a bonus to the special edition -the 500 copies made sold out in the blink of an eye- of “II : MMX”, and now they are back in circulation on another vinyl which probably won’t last too long in the stores, either. It’s strange that this is the first EP by Clubroot after two albums -not at all typical behaviour for a dubstep artist- but from day one Dan Richmond has been an unusual artist on the scene, and something other than a “shy Englishman imitating Burial on an American label.” His style is low profile, led by spiritual voices and porous production, and this EP is no different. For example “Chamber” is the perfect extension of the second album for those who wanted more, with that vocal intro closer to Dead Can Dance than to Enigma which still keeps the tearful aesthetic of the encounter between American psy-trance and post-Burial emotive dubstep. “Remember Me” would be the adequate conclusion because of its incursion into pop –so fashionable these days- of a dubstep that could turn into the new trip-hop for stressed executives, although Clubroot knows how to maintain the tension to the limit and sound more like drum’n’bass circa 1996 (at a quarter of the speed) than like Morcheeba. In the middle of the EP, “Solar Flares” resumes all the good things Clubroot has to offer, with eight minutes of helium showered dubstep with unsettled atmospheres but minus any suspicious epicness or sharpened drama. This man has something that touches the most secret nerves in your body. Javier Blánquez


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