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Gold Panda Gold PandaSnow & Taxis

8 / 10

Gold Panda Snow & Taxis NOTOWN (NOTOWN004, 12”)

Before the worldwide release of their debut album “Lucky Shiner” –on Ghostly, although there already is a limited British edition on Notown–, Gold Panda has seen fit to put out the remixes of their second single this month. “Snow & Taxis”, the eminently emotional title that refers to the frozen city in the winter and the search for protected environments, is another small gem with which the golden bear shows the way to revitalise bedroom electronica with a pop wrapping. What’s interesting about this package –besides the sleeve: I very much like that people like him invest money in the creation of beautiful sleeve art and want to value the 12” vinyl as a collectable object-– is the company of two remixes. One is by Glitterbug –aka the German Till Rohmann bottled in his techno romanticism in the Lawrence and Pantha Du Prince style–, and that’s a completely logical choice: the BPMs increase, bells are added to the track, the hypnotic part is intensified and the melody reduced, which makes it a great cut for fans of melancholic techno. But the best one is by Throwing Snow, the new kid on the London dubstep block who also has one foot in IDM and the design of fragile sounds, whose contribution is brilliant and makes this vinyl an absolute must-have.

Tom Madsen

Snow & Taxis (Glitterbug's Pink Snow by Gold Panda

Snow & Taxis (Throwing Snow Remix) by Gold Panda

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