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Tessela TesselaSlugger EP

7 / 10

Tessela  Slugger EP ALL CITTY RECORDS (ACOO12XA, 12” + digital)

Irish label All City release the debut EP of little known English producer Tessela - in the process breaking away from their normal hip hop output, for a slice of futuristic dance and rave music that’s heavy on the bass and clever in its approach.

With nothing known of Tessela other than he’s from the West Country (according to his Soundcloud page his name is Ed Russell), there is nothing to do but concentrate on the music; a rather pleasant constriction considering the quality on offer. “Push” opens things up with an upbeat vibe, deep sub bass and pitched down rave-y vocals. Floating somewhere in the murky abyss between 120 and 140 bpms, the track uses the freedom of its tempo to great effect and comes out sounding like a fresh take on London’s recent bass mutations. “Slugger” is the real gem on here for me, with a more interesting rhythmic structure hinted at in a slow build up and released in a cavernous, bass heavy drop that brings forth images of tribalism. More subtle than its predecessor, “Slugger” is quite simply irresistible and Tessela works the obvious 2 drop structure on the track to great effect. The release is wrapped up with “Subway”, which seems to combine elements of the previous two tracks – rave-y vocals and deep bass pressure – into a new whole. Also hovering in the murky 130 tempo area that’s given us some of the more interesting bass led productions in recent years - “Subway” goes deep and won’t disappoint fans of the likes of Night Slugs or Numbers.

All in all this first release from Tessela makes a strong impact and a pleasant deviation from All City’s normal output. Unsurprising, considering the label’s open mindedness. What’s more interesting is how little hype seems to have surrounded both the producer and the release. Its quality is up there with much of what’s been catching attention within bass music over the last six months. Thoroughly recommended.

Laurent Fintoni

Slugger / Subway (All City Records 23rd June) by Tessela

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