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Matthew Dear  Slowdance EP


Almost a year after releasing “Black City”, Matthew Dear is finally leaving the project aside. “Slowdance EP” is the last and definitive release related to his third album: there will be no more singles or remixes; what will remain is his live show, until the tour ends and he can take a well-deserved break –or start working on the new Audion material, which would be great news. That’s why the EP is almost as long as a full album: it will be the final container of all the marvellous material Dear has been sent and it’s now being released as one big package that will make an impression. This is why one specific part contains what would be the hypothetical vinyl version of “Slowdance” –which won’t be released–, featuring the original, a respectful remix by Bear In Heaven and another one by Todd Edwards, with his trademark dissection of the vocals and rhythmic counterpoints with a a limping house break, plus a precious How To Dress Well remix on which Tom Krell seems to forget about the original, delivering a gassy psychophony in which “Slowdance” is turned into a slow-down version of Berlin’s “Take My Breath Away”. It’s breathtaking alright.

And since a CD can hold a lot of music, Dear has decided to include two previously released remixes of “Little People (Black City)” signed by Mark E –nu-disco meister– and Sascha Dive –almost monotonous minimal house–, and three of “You Put A Smell On Me”, a boogie one by Breakbot, the new wave and electro tribute of Photocall and the beautiful slow-house one by Nicolas Jaar, plus an unreleased bonus track, the ethereal “Innh Dahh”, a track he has so far only performed live. Undisputable quality, generous quantities and, best of all, a ridiculously low price tag. Now that’s what I call a happy end.

Javier Blánquez

Matthew Dear - Slowdance (How To Dress Well Seance) by ghostly

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