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Varios Skydiver LOCAL ACTION (LOC004, digital)

Here’s another piece of evidence of the love Tom Lea has for Cassie. Fact Magazine, which Lea writes for, reserved the last spot of the “best tracks of the year” list for “Skydiver”, the last breath of that record that doesn’t seem to arrive and the title track of this mini album. Lea, as capo of Local Action, pays tribute to the demi-goddess by up joining like-minded friends and producers, all of them fans of Cassandra Ventura, and offering their own interpretations of the four hits the apple of Sean “Diddy” Combs’s eye. They’re not the first remixes of Cassie –Coco Bryce and Deadboy, to name a few, have already dedicated some hard-disc space to her– and they won’t be the last, because, even though the American artist’s discography doesn’t seem to be expanding any time soon (that second album called “Electro Love” is announced but has no release date as of yet), the possibilities of tracks like “Me & U” or “Official Girl” seem to be endless. For example, Brackles turns “Me & U” into elegant UK funky, while 8Bitch dares to take the mic and sing on her girl-friendly dubstep version of the tune. With “Addiction” the same thing happens, it becomes a catchy kick-clap tune in the hands of Lunice and a hypnotic and syncopated dance track when reworked by Altered Natives.But if there’s anyone who has taken Cassie far from the established field, it’s The Blessings with a electro version of “Official Girl” with more than a nod to the eighties, and Slackk, who takes “Thirsty” through a whirlwind of acid and analogue electronic machinery, while chopping up Cassie’s voice. Though it’s hard to throw aside any of the nine tracks, yours truly isn’t feeling the ones by Jacques Greene –I like his own stuff a lot more– and Svpreme Fiend, the only artist of the pack who has already released on Local Action before. However, there’s so much and such a variety of brilliant material here that needs to reach Cassie herself. Missy, if you want that “Electro Love” to be released, get on a plane to the UK and talk to Tom Lea. Here you’ll find true electronic love. Mónica Franco

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