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Débruit DébruitSis Sürpriz

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dÉbruit  Sis Sürpriz CIVIL MUSIC (CIV020, 12” + digital)

Xavier Thomas is now living in London, but he would happily live in other regions that we settled Western middle-class people would call exotic. On his previous two EPs on Musique Large and Civil Music he used a collection of samples from Senegalese and Nigerian music for his staggering beats. Now, with “Sis Sürpriz”, the original sound source is Turkish folklore. Unlike the other travelling beatmaker, Onra, dÉbruit didn’t physically travel to the origin of the music to take the original records home with him –Onra composed “Chinoiseries” after a holiday in Vietnam–, but a stroll through the London borough where he lives, with a healthy Turkish population, was enough for our man. But not travelling doesn’t mean not understanding, and dÉbruit knows perfectly how much he can get out of the trumpets and percussion for his productions. “Accorde Don” features bright synths, helium voices and an accordion sample that sounds like Flying Lotus after a holiday in Anatolia, “Turkish-Ish” is boogie-funk with a bazaar flavour, “Mezdé” is instrumental hip-hop for a dervish dance and “Lil Zurna” is another wonky variation featuring brass instruments with a euphoric and warlike feel. I don’t know much about Turkish music, but you can hear dÉbruit has studied it, admires it and has taken it to his corner of the world with great results. Where will he go next?

Claude T. Hill

débruit - ?i? sürpriz ep (PREVIEW) (CIV020) out april 2011 by dEbruit

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