Since We Last Met (Ricardo Villalobos Remix) Since We Last Met (Ricardo Villalobos Remix)


ndf ndfSince We Last Met (Ricardo Villalobos Remix)

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ndf  Since We Last Met (Ricardo Villalobos Remix) DFA (dfa2265, 12” + digital)

Ricardo Villalobos on DFA is like Arsène Wenger managing any other team than Arsenal: although nothing is impossible, they still belong to different worlds with very specific and strict rules. But it’s true: the producer from Chile has arrived at James Murphy’s label. This vinyl was announced a few weeks back and now it’s finally out, in its elegant sleeve and with the label printed in soft pink, and yes, it’s true, Ricardo is there. How did he get there? To paraphrase the Patricia Highsmith novel, thanks to the “American friend”, in this case Steven Ford, better known as Bruno Pronsato and Villlobos’ most advanced disciple on the US minimal scene (he lives in Berlín, but his passport is American). ndf is the project shared by Pronsato and Benjamin Myers, which is still minimal techno with a detailled rhythmic construction and it’s fundaments in microsound, but through which melodies and muffled vocals filter, taking the sound more towards the banks of pop. It’s not synth-pop nor retro, nor has it any connection to disco –it’s still an outsider record on DFA– but it does have a relaxed background and a sound which in a way is nineties, and it wouldn’t be hard to link it to the Balearic sound that was so fashionable last year. On the other side of the vinyl Villalobos spending fifteen minutes on stretching the original idea of “Since We Last Met” in a way only he can: choosing some minimal elements –in this case he respects the voice, cleanses the track of summery suggestions, and supports the rhythm with a techno break like one of those the Salz boys used ten years ago, but with the (also usual) display of fanciful and hypnotic comings and goings of rustles, mini claps, one-note melodies and other saturations of microscopics that have made Villalobos an essential element on the techno scene of the past decade. Yes, he’s on DFA, so what? Richard Ellmann

NDF - Since We Last Met (Ricardo Villalobos remix)

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