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Squarepusher  Shobaleader One ED BANGER (BEC5772724, 12” + digital)

Knowing the Warp label’s most extreme fans (if it were up to them, they would blitz stone Buddhas and sacrifice themselves in the name of Aphex Twin), it’s not strange that the announcement of this single has produced all kinds of strange reactions. Does Squarepusher , one of the pillars of the Sheffield label, really have a catalogue number from the label that releases Justice? They must think it’s a joke, yet “Shobaleader One” is far from being a trick at the expense of unsuspecting consumers. Rather, it is an act of respect and love by Pedro Winter, owner of Ed Banger, who may have his faults but definitely has his virtues as well: he is a fan of Warp just like you and me. The seed of this 12” comes from a joint event in Paris organized by both labels on Winter’s initiative, with the participation of Clark, Hudson Mohawke, Mr. Oizo and SebAstian. That’s how this robust bridge was formed, the one that Squarepusher has just crossed, although not in a cheap way (like Mascherano’s jump from Liverpool to Barcelona), but as a friend and invitee. “Cryptic Motion”, the A side, is still one of their classics, with extra thick jazzy bass, gummy George Clinton-esque funk lines, and with a downtempo, “music to make love to” beat, far from their classic epileptic drum n’ bass style. Meanwhile, on the other side, Mr. Oizo does a crooked remix based in the exaggerated effects of disco (teasing bass, and filtered loops like those of early Daft Punk- don’t be surprised, this is France), finishing where it makes sense, in the party aesthetic of Ed Banger. This disc won’t save your life, but if you’re one of those people that keep your Sweet Exorcist vinyls in a display case, it won’t screw you over either. By the way, “Shobaleader One” is already available digitally and on Monday will be available in its physical format.

Richard EllmannSquarepusher - Cryptic Motion

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