She's Acid / Must Move She's Acid / Must Move


FunkinEven FunkinEvenShe's Acid / Must Move

9 / 10

FunkinEven  She’s Acid / Must Move

EGLO (EGLO 08, 12” + digital)

Everyone seems agree on FunkinEven being the English response to Dâm-Funk, but something still remains unclear: they do so on the basis of what? It is evident that both share a similar use of electronic equipment -analog synthesizers of third generation, Roland-portable models- as well as they both come from a synthetic funk root, but where Dâm-Funk is somehow sweet and promotes music for bedrooms with the light turn down and a bottle of champagne in a bucket at the edge of the bed, next to the condoms, FunkinEven explores electrofunk in its most raw form, more pedestrian. It is true that he had already being a distinguished producer of high voltage neo-soul tracks for artist Fatima, one of two female vocalists that have been published at the new shining label Eglo owned by Alexander Nut and Floating Points. You just need to listen to " Must Move," which aims to be the reformer of music to practice breakdancing to at wonky parties, to perceive that here is a change. It's electro without being robotic, almost entering the revival of the mid-eighties sound as boogie and go-go, with the occasional extended analogue music note as a whistling train from the distant future, but not at all a sweet track of intimate games by the edge of the sofa: as Egyptian Lover minus the articulated robots, bared to its bones, minimal and with a tense groove capable of breaking hips. Anyway, the main theme of the 12” is " She's Acid" on the A side, with an incisive 303, sharp as an arrow, capable of perforating the skull from within the ear, which features on a cut essentially the same as " Must Move" - hollow beat-boxing, a second bass that roars like a hungry stomach, cowbells, handclaps and dislocated bass drums that do not fall on the place that ought to be within the rhythmic pattern, but with a lysergic stroke which we use to love in the Armando tracks. The remainder of the year, so to calculate the level of sexiness of music to come, we must use this 12" as the unit of measurement. And the average score is sky high. Javier Blánquez

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