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Sigha SighaShake Ep

7 / 10

Sigha  Shake Ep HOTFLUSH TWO (HFT011, 12” + digital)

We have witnessed the progress of his sound through his Hotflush releases (this is already the forth maxi-single he produces for the record label managed by Scuba), so it was clear to us that sooner or later, Sigha had to focus his productions definitively on techno, putting dubstep to one side. The only reference left to the latter is the density of his basslines, possibly extracted from a sub-aquatic trench. The London-Bristol axis has now been replaced by the aerial shuttle Detroit-Berlin which takes in the absorbent and lethargic sound from Basic Channel patented on “ Shake”, though using certain House strokes to give it a more danceable vibe with a touch of Soul á la Anthony Shakir (the title, does it refer to a command or is it a tribute?). It alludes to bare rhythms, crackling snares and huge kick drums, the sound of the new school of the Motor City with Omar-S at the helm. Sigha follows this route by reflecting the new minimalist trend, by filling up the space between the beats with suspended emotion, somehow abstract. The only difference between his music and that by Theo Parrish or Luke Hess is in the sound texture, cleaner and precise. It’s a little bit similar to Actress productions, Werk’s owner: he’s respectful on the tribute side of things and he maintains a strong British identity though he’s taking inspiration from the North American and Germanic forms, keeping relaxed and contemplative efforts like “ Light Swells (In A Distant Space)”, five gravity-free minutes that despite a lack of originality demonstrate a strong personality. Sigha wants to reform European Techno and he’s allowed because everything he does, he does it well. Richard Ellmann

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