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8 / 10


TOUCH (Tone 44V, 10” + digital)

Though the past three years haven't been completely silent, “Seven Stars”- a lean four-track EP - is the first musical endeavour we’ve received from Fennesz as a solo artist since the sombre “Black Sea” (2008). Happily, it’s return on which all musical arguments are brightly logical and coherent; it’s the perfect embodiment of his expressive and sonic evolution over the past few years. After the opaque and dark predecessor, you can sense the will to oxygenate his sound on this comeback. If he keeps on the path of this EP, we anticipate the new album could hold the ideal fusion of the cutting and wintery ambient of “Venice” and “Black Sea” and the pop-inspired melodic pirouettes of “Endless Summer”.

The jewel on the crown is “Liminal”, the best possible definition of the Fennesz sound 2011. The manipulation of the guitar, on top form here, led by a definitive picking that sticks in your head – supported by the atmospherics of digitally treated string arrangements - make for an unbeatable sound. On “July” and “Shift”, Fennesz sharpens his nails and reveals his most raging and noisy self. However, the title track and closing song “Reshift”, covered by a majestic drone of epic proportions, show the friendliest and most accessible side of his sound. He's not reinventing the wheel - and some might miss the more experimental and cerebral aspect of the Austrian - but the man is absolutely unbeatable in his field.

Julio Pardo


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