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Shigeto ShigetoSemi Circle Ep

7 / 10

Shigeto  Semi Circle Ep GHOSTLY INTERNATIONAL (GI-106, digital)

Some confused “ aficionado” could say Ghostly is jumping to the horizontal beat and shinny psychedelic hip hop bandwagon, loaded with luminous textures and including video games sounds as in “ There Is Always Hope”. But such a confused “aficionado“ must consider the extraordinary Mux Mool album as the pioneering Tadd Mulinix's Dabrye productions. Shigeto, aka Zach Saginaw, is another pupil of the tranquil beat and synthetic sound school of IDM. As a midwest Flying Lotus –“ Eternal Life”- cover, Shigeto uses the same broken beat method, hitting virtuously the MPC key and including harp sounds on “ Bakers Blunt Basics”. “ Semi Circle Ep” is ideal to kick back , dim the lights and lose yourself. Original it isn’t but more efficient than valium it is. Richard Ellmann

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