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Balam Acab Balam AcabSee Birds

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Balam Acab  See Birds

TRI ANGLE (TRI ANGLE 01, 12” + digital)

This is a start: it’s the first reference of the new Tri Angle label and the presentation, via a first EP. It’s also the first time we meet young Alec Koone, a citizen of Ithaca, New York, and the first drag house –or witch house, whichever you prefer– record that the influential Boomkat store puts on its homepage with expressions of the “essential purchase” kind. From now on, it’s recommended we synchronise watches to start predicting at which moment the slow and enchanting electronic bases of this genre are going to start crawling out of the comfortable surroundings of the deep underground to reach the ears of the club masses. For now, if such a thing will ever occur, we don’t know when or how, nor who is going to be the artist who will do the honours, but it’s clear that Balam Acab has already taken a seat in first class –especially in Europe and with the aficionados of dubstep and IDM eager for a change of faces in their collection of new releases. There are three elements that make him stand out: the layer of light that takes away a bit of the gloomy roughness, the almost angelic voices closer to Burial than to the gothic clichés and the slow, comatose pace –the classic analogue, 80’s sound– that resembles dubstep of the Mount Kimbie kind, with Peter Broderick-like guitars in the background. It looks like Balam Acab prefers horizontal dance over terrifying neon fake, and although he doesn’t sound as grotesque nor as gloomy as any Disaro artist, he can be liked by anyone looking for some emotion in electronic music. James Blake is the holy light and Balam Acab is the half-light of the demons of evil, but let’s remember that, according to the Bible, Satan was the most beautiful of all angels. Evil is great and Balam Acab is as well, this 12” opens new ways, let’s put our hands together and say “yes.”

Javier Blánquez

Balam Acab - See Birds EP by subraw

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