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Apparat / Telefon Tel Aviv Apparat / Telefon Tel AvivSayulita EP

8 / 10

Apparat / Telefon Tel Aviv Sayulita EP !k7 (k7270EP, 12” + digital)

Normally, the mix compilations of the DJ-Kicks series come with an exclusive track by the DJ in charge of the instalment. Another DJ-Kicks classic that is, apart from the CD mix itself, a vinyl single of that commissioned track is released at the same time. But in the case of Apparat’s contribution we don’t get one new tune but two. The boy is generous and prolific, and he has given more than what he was requested of him. Because of that, “Sayulita EP” can be seen as a stand alone release, almost independent of its original context: Sascha Ring contributes two productions ( “Sayulita” and “Circles”) and while they were at it, the label added another unreleased track, “Lengthering Shadows”, a previously unreleased track by Telefon Tel Aviv, who hasn’t released anything for almost two years, since the death of Charles Cooper in January 2009, which for now is their last known piece, although it seems like Joshua Eustis wants to keep the project alive.

“Lengthering Shadows” is a great companion to the melancholy “Immolate Yourself”, an outbreak of emotional electronica that begins with Burialesque textures and slowly turns into the trembling IDM that has always characterised the group, but the best thing on this 12” comes from Apparat. “Sayulita” is Ring at his most danceable, with a flexible beat, a constant progression and a melodic unfolding very much like his project alongside Ellen Allien, Orchestra Of Bubbles; while “Circles”, much shorter, more on the ambient side, music to listen to at home. All in all, this is a 12” that gives a lot and costs little. Ace!

Tom Madsen

Telefon Tel Aviv - Lengthening Shadows (Unmixed)

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