Saturday Night Manifesto Saturday Night Manifesto


Recloose ReclooseSaturday Night Manifesto

7 / 10

RUSH HOUR (RH035, 12” + digital)

Detroit producer Recloose, now living in New Zealand, follows up the re-issue of his “Early Works” last year on Rush Hour with a new EP for the Dutch label. “Saturday Night Manifesto” offers up three tracks that nicely display the breadth of his talent and give meaning to the title. The EP kicks off in style with “Electric Sunshine”, a colourful and uplifting production that sets the mood at a gentle pace with its slow building approach, bubbling basslines and slightly loose groove. The pace and energy kick up a notch for “Parquet”, a straight up dancefloor cut that starts off with Funky-esque rhythm and syncopation before morphing into a house hybrid with serious groove. The drop is the real kicker on this though, as Recloose throws in catchy vocal samples and continues to build the energy with intricate edits. “Tecumseh” follows, continuing the more energetic pace set off previously but going in a lot harder and deeper with a truly hypnotising groove that takes the best elements of Detroit techno and electro and updates them with some serious bass work and more intricate edits and variations. At eight minutes in length, it’s something of a ride and an apt ending to the short but momentous ride that is “Saturday Night Manifesto”. There is actually a fourth track, bonus beats for “Tecumseh” which carries on the hard hitting vibe – perfect for DJs.

I first discovered Recloose a couple of years back thanks to Rush Hour’s reissues of his early work. And while I’m not overly familiar with his discography or musical history there is something about his productions that really grab me. And “Saturday Night Manifesto” is no different.

Laurent Fintoni

"Electric Sunshine"

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