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After the feedback on his first EP, Lost Twin packed his bags, took his newly boosted self-confidence and went to Brighton to carrying on producing. Since then, he’s had the opportunity to share the stage with bedroom producers to whom he’s been compared, get used to the British climate instead of the moderate Mediterranean winter, and swap 8pm beers for 4pm teas. All those things can surely be noticed on the second EP,“Saskatchewan Suite”. Little is left of his past as Neo, much more devoted to hip-hop, and of which there were still traces left on his debut as Lost Twin. However, Carlos Pinto still has a lavish and overwhelming style when it comes to composing, but the result is lighter and dreamier. “No Es Una Elipse” is the stand-out gem on this EP and exemplifies the light stylistic trip of Lost Twin: the emotion of the melodies (sometimes sweet, sometimes stoic) and the altered voices are maintained, but this time the rhythm is more swinging and changeable, and it plays a bigger part. The same thing happens with “Que Sea Humano”, on which the drums are jazzy, but the overall result sounds like deformed 2step– or the filmic “Rock Bottom”, which has the melancholy of Throwing Snow and the graceful chops of Gold Panda. Lost Twin makes somewhat less of an impact this time (the novelty factor is gone), but he proves to be brilliant at making dreamy soundtracks.

Mónica Franco


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