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Legowelt LegoweltSark Island Acid EP

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From time to time Danny Wolfers appears to make life a little bit better; at least for those of us who listen to house and techno for the better part of the day. He's not the kind of producer who disappears for years and comes back when nobody expects it, but he's patient, releasing music little by little and only when he's got something to say. There are usually a couple of months between each single (though sometimes it can be more than that) and he works with several different labels, though mostly he can be found on Crème Organization, the imprint closest to home. This time, Legowelt is releasing on young New York label L.I.E.S. - a new platform from Ron Morelli, releasing quality house of three kinds: the Chicago variety, the more disco sounding and house with influences from trance and techno.

Legowelt goes the third way on “Sark Island Acid EP”, a single featuring less 303 than the title might imply (only the title track has some lysergic acid bass lines, outlining short melodic flashes reminiscent of Kettel), but which floats in the open sea of Detroit. Although the first track leaves you with a good feeling - the best stuff on this 12” is on the other two pieces, which says a lot about the high quality of the record. “Backwoods Fantasies” is classic techno with chimes and baroque arrangements that create suspense and maintain tension. Whilst “Sea Of Nuhuhu”- the cherry on the cake - parts from the electro pattern and emo synths to recover the emotion of the parallel projects of Drexciya, such as The Other People Place. He’s sure to keep his distance however; one of the characteristics of the Legowelt sound is its lo-fi construction. It might be disappointing to some that Wolfers forgets about the 303 at times, but what he never forgets are his origins. A 12” to take seriously; possibly his best in a long time.

Richard Ellmann

Legowelt-Sark Island Acid (L.I.E.S.005) by L.I.E.S.

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