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Regis / Function / Silent Servant Regis / Function / Silent ServantSampler Single One

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Regis / Function / Silent Servant  Sampler Single One SANDWELL DISTRICT (SDSMP1, 12”)

Each and every time I had played a vinyl by Regis–or by any of the survivors from the old school Birmingham techno– I’ve felt like I was being lobotomised by some skilful, evil hands. It’s a similar sensation to the entry of some alien item into your body which manipulates your structure as it pleases. It sounds like a dirty scalpel, a laser tearing apart the corneas. That way of making techno -by economising the sound but not the impact- got lost quite some time ago, only to be found in small pockets like Downwards and Infraestructure New York, then it popped back through the Sandwell District label. With Function and Regis at the controls -both use to run Infraestructure and Downwards (such a small world), everything was ready to revive the apparent neo-industrial and high cultured hard techno. The maxi-singles from Sandwell District, as I have said many times before, are just for those who really understand techno -the same could be said of Berlin labels like MDR or Klockworks. S4o be prepared because we could have a bomb by the Autumn, the collaborative album by Regis, Function and Silent Servant (aka Jasper, or before that Cytrax), of which this 12” -on limited clear vinyl- is an advance good omen: it has references of cyclical and astral techno by Jeff Mills (circa Axis), polar and liquid techno à la Monolake circa 2000. Hypnotic hard techno for small, dark and dingy dancefloors. In a nutshell: for those who know about techno. Richard Ellmann

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