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SCB SCB002 SCB (SCB002, 12” + digital)

At this point, what’s connecting Paul Rose, alias Scuba, with dubstep? The way he’s been progressing over the last few months –or maybe even the last few years–, the answer: is less and less every day. His past and the aesthetic line of Hotflush Recordings still tie him to it, but his moving to Berlin has turned out to be the point of no return (really?) on the way towards techno. The creation of the SCB label could be an escape, a way to differentiate his two sonic preoccupations, but when even “Triangulation” is closer to post-Chain Reaction techno-dub than to the sound of colleagues such as Pangaea, it’s clear that Scuba now mainly thinks in terms of 4x4.

The change becomes him, on the other hand. It’s a change of game and rules, but once established in techno, Rose knows how to behave, how to play his cards and use his skills. Of the two cuts on this vinyl –released with the minimum of information a semi-anonymous project such as SCB requires–, one is directed at the dancefloor and the other at the cosmos. Sucked in by the powerful gravity field of Detroit techno, SCB goes for darkness on “28_5”, a repetitive track that keeps the pedal to the metal and only allows for breathing when some pinching vocal appears, or some broken rhythm that releases the tension, and because of the spatial luminosity on “Hard Boiled VIP”, which wouldn’t sound out of place on a Claude Young album. As far as techno goes, it may look like Scuba turned into a convinced purist, but at least he knows how to produce with quality, balance and without disappointing. Here’s hoping his integrity attack allows him to shortly recover some of those thunderous bass lines and liquid breaks he used to employ.

Ronald Fritze

SCB - Hard Boiled (VIP)

SCB - 28_5

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