A Romance Of 2 Planets A Romance Of 2 Planets


Hieroglyphic Being Hieroglyphic BeingA Romance Of 2 Planets

8 / 10

ALTER (ALT04-12, 12”)

You have to have very good taste and judgement to start a label with a 7” by Oneohtrix Point Never and then, as a fourth release, come up with a 12” by Jamal Moss, one of the biggest talents –and also one of the most underrated producers– of Chicago house. It’s so unique that the first reaction is perplexity, and the second is entering your credit card code. This variety on Alter is proof that the house isn’t about just one style, while at the same time it marks a consistent line that could be summed up as the idea of “electronic music in open spaces”. “A Romance Of 2 Planets” contains three cuts of floating house that unfold in a limitless, romantic cosmos. Music that floats free of any kind of gravity and that squeezes together and expands according to its own inner movements. Hieroglyphic Being have signed similar productions over the course of their fifteen-plus year career, but on this particular single they seem to want to extend towards the cosmic as much as they can, leaving the hard techno beats with soul and their sporadic acid basslines aside.

The A-side “Spheres Of Madness”, is almost thirteen minutes cut abruptly because the 12” wouldn’t allow for more grooves: if we could hear the original master we might discover the track is actually maybe half an hour long, or a lifetime: the sound is crude, without a meticulous mastering, from machine to plastic without interference, as the tradition of the purest Chicago-Detroit sound and the history of The Sun God himself dictate. On the flipside, their intention of mixing spiritual techno, with a dry sound, with atmospheric patterns and the feeling of perpetual motion, leaving out any violent beat –on the almost ten minutes of “A Romance Of 2 Planets” it’s insistent but not dominant, like Carl Craig– and embellishing the floating passages with counterpoints and galactic sound effects. A mandatory 12” for any aficionado of classic dance music sounds.

Richard Ellmann


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