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8 / 10

Bass Clef  Rollercoasters Of The Heart PUNCH DRUNK RECORDS (DRUNK023, 12” + digital)

One of the most slept-on producers in the dubstep game finally returns with a new single for Peverelist’s Punch Drunk imprint, home to the more forward thinking bass pushers out there. Ok let me clarify all this a tiny bit: firstly Bass Clef isn’t a dubstep producer per se at all, it’s just that he came to prominence in 2006 with his “A Smile Is A Curve That Straightens Most Things” album around the same time the whole dubstep thing blew up, and he was, and still is, a key player in Bristol’s bass continuum. Having a keen ear and penchant for dub production, his work found many aficionados in the scene at the time, many who have continued to follow him on his musical excursions. Secondly this isn’t technically his first release in 2011, as he dropped a cassette-only album earlier this year which featured the amazing “I Think You Are Ready Now For The Point Of No Return”. Still, new Bass Clef is exciting, and even more so when Punch Drunk is involved.

Which leads us smoothly (or maybe not) to “Rollercoasters Of The Heart”, a single that continues to show Bass Clef’s talent for blending together influences and styles into a unique brew. On the title cut he references anthemic rave pieces of yesteryear with aplomb, fitting on top a driving rhythm track that is dubbed just right. Acid stabs and looped pieces of female vocals complete a deliriously pleasant and infectious track. Flip over for “So Cruel”, a deeper number that still manages to grab you where it matters – namely in the chest area, thanks to some precise bass pressure. Making clever use of a female vocal that references the title track, Clef takes you on another journey with a straight eyes down skanker that wouldn’t be amiss in a DMZ set and deserves a system with sufficient bass capacity to truly do it justice.

All in all, a great release from an artist that has been fiercely independent over the years and continues to push things forward in a unique and irresistible way. Now if only we could have a little more this year.

Laurent Fintoni

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