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FunkinEven FunkinEvenRolands Jam

8 / 10



If you put the werewolf from “Teen Wolf”, ready for action, on the sleeve of your 12” single - the eighties are surely running through your veins. Not that FunkinEven needed to prove it. All of his EPs and remixes on Eglo are made from pure, uncut acid and boogie - built with retro technology - and with stunning, vintage-sounding results. His stuff could easily sound like an appropriation, but rather than a rip-off it sounds like a tribute. Ultimately, between one thing and another (drumroll please!), we have here one of the biggest vinyls of the moment. From the title ( “Rolands Jam”) and the sleeve, to the opening moments (where Armando appears in front of us like the Virgin Mary to Bernadette): it’s pure old school heaven, with 808, 909 and 202 (no TB-303) galore. It plays on a repetitive structure that doesn’t seem to go anywhere specific – it’s more like lemmings running towards the sea - with screeching bass lines and a relentlessly pounding rhythm box.

On the B-side, “XXX” is even more driven by acid - with sharper bass stabs and pure dirty Chicago vocals to close. It’s an injection of testosterone, for an EP that - on “Take Back” - also pays tribute to Trevor Horn-style electro-pop (with sulphuric sounds, too). Like a cross between The Art Of Noise of “Beatbox” and the Bam Bam of “Give It To Me” - remixed as the theme tune of a TV series about an anti-drug police squad. Finally, as you will discover: it’s records like this that make you lose control over certain ducts and tracts in your body.

Javier Blánquez

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