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Nabo NaboRock Solid Goldmine

7 / 10

Nabo Rock Solid Goldmine HOBBY INDUSTRIES (hi 022, 12” + digital)

A few days ago I reviewed for PG the debut single of Aslope (Danish Torsten Lindso Andersen) and outlined a theory I’m now vindicating after having carefully listened to Nabo’s (Uffe Christensen) debut album: A significant correlation exists, in the renaissance of the Hobby Industries label, between the old, most naïve IDM and the new dubstep with an emotional intention. Both ideas have met again in the context of a label that highlights the nicest side of popular electronic music and which always was a Björk fan. This “Rock Solid Goldmine” works in perfect compliance with those rules. Faint pop melodies are not of much interest anymore (although in “Neigh” there are some female, almost infantile whispering that could have been taken from any Múm record). Now most of the effort is focused on approaching dubstep as heavily as a feather: ethereal but with a firm pulse, and occasional, strange rhythmic turns that give the impression—after listening to the EPs three cuts, plus one intro and a quasi-ambient remix of Clouds—that the connection, beyond IDM-pop, becomes wonky sometimes, too ( “Rock Sold” has a bit of dislocated electro feeling), and expands spontaneously like those that Central European dub artists like System and Andrew Peckler used to release through the Scape label. Don’t play this album in clubs: your audience will fall asleep. But if you sync it to your iPod and listen to it while walking on the park on a sunny Sunday morning, Nabo will make sure this downtempo camouflaged as fake dubstep becomes a reason for you to find refuge in home listening.

Tom Madsen

HI022/Oh Boy : Nabo - Rock Solid Goldmine EP by Hobby Industries

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