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Pariah PariahRift EP

8 / 10

The last time Arthur Cayzer, alias Pariah, released anything on vinyl was at the end of 2010. That great 10” (featuring “Detroit Falls” and “Orpheus”), but most of all the titanic double 12” “Safehouses”, gained him a privileged spot on the ever mutating British bass scene of the time, in a dimension similar to other then emerging talents like James Blake and Pearson Sound. In other words: in the area where dubstep, house, and electro were living together as one. We all know what happened next: over the past 18 months, Blake has become a super star in a world where he gallops between abyssal electronica and velvet pop, whilst the other producers of his generation have consolidated their careers as producers, DJs, and some even as entrepreneurs. Pariah, however, keeping quiet all this time, seemed to have wasted time and stayed behind.

Fortunately, “Rift” is a very fine 12” that should take him right back to the present: three tracks and all of them top notch ( “Signal Loss” being the least strong, on which he cuts sandy piano melodies much like James Blake does; his voice even sounds a bit like him). He even works up the courage to battle Burial on his own pitch with “Among Those Metal Trees”, a faithful reflection of that state of desolation after a memorable night full of drugs and raving. The highlight on this 12” would be the A-side, “Rift”, a five-minute piece that isn't easy to mix with other tunes; up-tempo, with a strong dubstep break and, most of all, a bass line (pure Low End Theory) that rips the ears off your head when played on a good sound system. Pariah has sacrificed the electro, techno and acid aspects of his sound to settle in the emotional department of British bass music. Wherever he is, he always triumphs. The problem is that he's not there too often.

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