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8 / 10

Manchester producer Damu returns with a second EP in just as many months, this time released via another London label, Keysound Recordings, headed by Blackdown. Those familiar with the label and its history will know that Blackdown tends to be pretty stringent with what gets put out so the release definitely acts as a strong stamp of approval for the upcoming producer.

The “Ridin EP” sees Damu in full party mode with four tracks that neatly reference recent British/London dance music trends as well as a southern hip hop-sounding swing and vibe that make for a tasty combo. The title cut is definitely the best thing on there and the perfect representation of the aforementioned London meets dirty south aesthetic with an anthemic build up that drops into a grinding hip hop riddim accompanied by colourful synths and looped vocal samples, sort of like a better version of a Lil Jon production. “Crystal Gaea” continues the party vibe, a straight dancefloor cut that makes further use of anthemic build ups and colourful melodies alongside pitched female vocal samples and a driving rhythm that fits neatly within the more exciting strands of recent bass music productions. “Be Free” is a slightly deeper production, once more making perfect use of a driving rhythmic backbone, deep bass and looped female vocals to create a more hypnotic experience than the previous two tracks. “Karolinas Magic J” rounds things up with Erikah Badu samples and a swung riddim with bouncing bass and arpeggiated melodies to create the most experimental yet interesting track on the EP, a bastard cross of hip hop and dubstep/bass that falls firmly in the dope category.

A strong showcase by a talented producer who seems to do little wrong at the moment, “Ridin” should entice and excite not just dance music fans but hip hop fans too, bridging genres and scenes with an ease not often seen.

Laurent Fintoni

"Ridin EP" [Keysound Recordings]

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