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Dream Continuum Dream ContinuumReworkz EP

7.8 / 10

Incubation started many months ago. It was late 2010, I would say around the time Addison Groove's “Footcrab” came out, when the dubstep and bedroom electronica avant-garde fixed its gaze on the Chicago underground - where agitated and cutting sounds were being produced, a sound they called 'juke'. Over the course of 2011, artists were applying the rhythm patterns to their own schemes, especially Machinedrum, on his album “Room(s)”. Meanwhile the scene was getting ready for the arrival of Dream Continuum, a two-headed project by, him again, Travis ‘Machinedrum’ Stewart alongside Om Unit. However, the concept here is different: these two aren't fitting juke into bass schemes, they're duplicating or even triplicating the speed and turning it into drum'n'bass. This is something hard to find in Machinedrum's work, but a sound which Om Unit has been experimenting with for some time already, releasing the cult Phillip D. Kick 12” series, three singles on which he moulded jungle like fresh wax.

The three tracks on “Reworkz EP” follow that idea: reactivating dark and hyper-accelerated drum'n'bass, in the vein of Remarc, updating it with short-run footwork rhythms, brutal and jagged. It's only three tracks, but it smells of essential stuff, starting with the B-side, “Set It”. The track possesses plenty of references to ragga-jungle and a multi-ethnic utopia, and synths epic like LTJ Bukem's. The sound culminates on “B Free” and “Giv A Lil Luv”, two pieces that show you how you can make classic sounds, from Aquasky-style ambient-jungle to bright hardcore, become radically modern. It's not the single of the year, but it's a breath of fresh air for an underground scene that needs some new ideas to keep out the boredom.

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