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Andrea Retail Juke / Write Off DAPHNE (DAPHNE006, 12”)

Andy Stott is a specialist in taking sounds foreign to his own to his territory and giving them a different varnish, appearing like one of those producers with an eye for reality who force the aesthetic limitations of things and push the music to advance and develop. Technically, he’s never been a visionary innovator, but he has always been in the right place at the right time to capture influences for his own benefit, remaining an artist to keep an eye out for, without ever becoming a common imitator. When he was one of the young promises of the Modern Love label, identified as an privileged student of Claro Intelecto, Scottish Stott already was a fine draughtsman of the connections between techno and electro, but also one of the first musicians to take dubstep to a more, shall we say, IDM-like context (and as such, the two 10” singles he released on Modern Love should now be worth quite a fortune).

Up until now, Andrea has been the moniker for his mesmerising exercises in techno-dub, but on this 12” the rules of the game have changed, and he is now looking at the other side of the Atlantic (albeit with his feet planted firmly in London and with the latest releases on Planet Mu on his mind): as the title of the first track indicates, “Retail Juke” is a very personal interpretation of the footwork sounds of Chicago, with its diabolic breaks and Gremlin voices and its frantic rhythm changes with ascents and descents, although there are subtle influences from grime, as if he didn’t want to simply follow in DJ Rashad’s and DJ Roc’s footsteps, bringing a local touch a la Terror Danjah. Which is why, once more, this single is interesting: it doesn’t show us a Stott feeding on carrion, taking advantage of the juke sound because it’s fashionable; what it shows us is a Stott who is curious, who studies the mechanics of the new American Midwest genre, takes it to his lab and presents it with a cleaner, thorough production made to blow the cobwebs of a good soundsystem’s speakers.

Claude T. Hill

Andrea - Retail Juke / Write-Off by modernlove

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