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cv313 Remodeled echospace [detroit] (echospace 011, 12”)

The dance of the pseudonyms around Echospace is really funny: Rod Modell and Stephen Hitchell have been practising a very particular sound for years –aerial techno with a magnetic charge of dub and noise that floats slowly like cosmic dust wandering through space– and that sound has been always been there, even when they used monikers like Intrusion or cv313. If you’re going to do the same thing, why change the name? The question is legitimate, though the answer is logical: the sound doesn’t change, apart from the odd bit of house or ambient, but the name does, and that’s already enough not to bore the loyal fan. The A-side of “Remodeled”, on which cv313 remix themselves using the Echospace alias, shouldn’t even count as a remix, as there is no evolution whatsoever (although there is satisfaction if you’re one of those who still find pleasure in this kind of techno, which spreads like fluids on a smooth surface), but that doesn’t mean that it’s not interesting to get this transparent vinyl: the B-side holds the real substance, first of all in the form of the rework by King Midas Sound and secondly because of the remix by The Sight Below. King Midas Sound’s contribution is of the same quality level as their album on Hyperdub last year, “Waiting For You…” : slithering, slow, the sound that Kevin Martin achieves here adjusts itself to the idea of post-Tricky urban paranoia in a dubstep context, with Hitomi’s voice coming across more unnerving than is strictly necessary. The Sight Below, on the other hand, doesn’t try to skip any scheme: it conserves the techno-dub beat of the original and turns up the noise so that everything ends the way it started: narcotic. Claude T. Hill

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