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OSTGUT TON (o-ton48, 12” + digital) “Yours & Mine” isn’t a modern techno album. But what is modern techno? If we think it should be the revision of the old hard and industrial sound in the vein of Sandwell District, Surgeon and other riders of the Apocalypse, then the old school delicacy of the Dutch PanoramaBar resident DJ is no good example. But retro is still highly valuable pocket change in Clubland, after the flight of minimal left a hole that was filled by the return of deep house and the umpteenth Detroit revival. Ipso facto, a small window opened where, little by little, British intelligent techno started coming in, and that’s where we’re at right now: Steffi isn’t at the centre of current affairs, but a little ahead of her time (propped up by her past on the oblique Klakson label). The nineties are on their way back and this 12”, on which we find remixes of “Yours”, “You Own My Mind” and “Arms”, three of the best tracks on the LP, wants to shout it from the roof tops.

How? For example, by calling Lone, a youngster who would kill to have been a teenager when Belgium and Holland were exporting white labels to Detroit like chocolate and cheese. His revision of “Arms” is in the vein of his own work on Werk, R&S and Magic Wire Recordings: baroque with a sense of balance, where Detroit pads, disco strings, house congas, Warp bleeps and floating melodies coexist. Or Staffan Lindberg, a rookie who dominates the idiom of psychedelic rave-techno with breaks, delivering a remix of “You” on which the bassline is identical to the one on Orbital’s “Satan” (while everything else is a collection of vocal stabs to dance in a blitz of strobe lights). With those two, the single is already excellent. You only need the third remix, by The Analogue Cops, with a first floating, then with a constant, Ben Klock-like beat, to realise this 12” must be bought, held and played to death. Techno so modern, it could be twenty years old, and that’s no paradox.

Javier Blánquez

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