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8 / 10

Mount Kimbie  Remixes Pt. 1 / Remixes Pt. 2 HOTFLUSH

(HFRMX006 + HFRMX007, 12” + 12” + digital)

As they have already proven on previous 12”- with two magnificent cuts titled “Sketch On Glass” (2009) and “Maybes” (2008)–, Mount Kimbie show more flexibility than an olympic rhythm gymnastics champion: they can be a post-rock band, lean towards garage, melt into a pot of indietronica while discovering the excellency of Burial’s crepuscular devised textures... and that’s just a small part of its potential. They surely kick more punches, but to find out as to where they can reach- because they will - we’ll have to wait until the forthcoming June released album. Meanwhile, this two remix part will have to calm our thirst and to serve as a hint to the balanced mix of silky vocals, soundscapes at dusk and obtuse angles rhythms. This is much more than just Dubstep, as part 2 demonstrates, where SCB - aka , Scuba tilting towards marching techno- calls on Jeff Mills and UR’s “The Final Frontier” galloping acid bassline on “Vertical”, Tama Sumo & Prosumer provide the gentle old school Chicago house vibe (on the beat drum machines with a swing, deep vocals...), transforming “William” into one more step towards the future reformation of Soul.

Reform is, probably, the right word: Mount Kimbie’s music - either in its original or remixed form- is a white canvas where to sketch again and again what dubstep will look like the day of tomorrow. On the first of these reconstructions, Instra:mental, they forget the short handicap step Drum’n’bass we are used to recovering the good psychedelic techno vibes of “At least”-the latter sounding unbelievable like The Drum Club. FaltyDL fail to reproduce Burial on “Serged”, ending up on a delay dub overdose of Todd Edwards, while James Blake on “Maybes” returns Dâm-Funk to the stone age. You know you want this two pieces of vinyl, you know you want them now. Stop kidding you.

Ronald Fritze

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