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Perseus Traxx Perseus TraxxRemake 508

9 / 10

Remake 508, Perseus Traxx FUTURE FLASH (F-Flash 001, 12” + digital)This vinyl had to be one-sided. It comes with seal on the label of the playable side, a seal like the letters of the King or the Pope, decorated with the Future Flash logo. It’s a regal, fun, and elegant detail. You must grasp it gently, take it out of the sheath carefully to avoid wax getting stuck to the paper, which would rip it off. All this care we’re taking adds to the significance of the seal. It will always be touching the album when it’s up on the shelf. Perseus Traxx compensates with a composition that uses two of the most hypnotic trends of all time in dance music. Do you remember “Remake 508”, and the Hi-NRG sound of Patrick Cowley? An analog system at full sail, with a parade of sequenced rhythms and a TR-808 at full capacity. We also can’t forget the detail of old school house, with an acid bass line that flies over the eight long minutes of mantra without ever looking to be the protagonist, but more of a soft accent of green and violent drool. And, while still at it, it connects with some albums that a while ago no one wanted to know about and now it’s their time: the “Color Series” by Donnacha Costello , particularly the third part, “Rubine Red”. It’s a stellar flashback to the first days of smiley in England, with A Guy Called Gerald, LFO, where Nigel Rogers (alias Robotkid, who we saw a while back on the Vector Lovers’ label, Iwari) was cited as an emerging talent with a spectacular future ahead of him. Javier Blánquez

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